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159. Should Military Age Immigrants Be Required To Serve Two Years In the U.S. Armed Forces? Go to Survey

158. Why Do Most Female Vets Suppress Their Military Service After Discharge... Go to Survey

157. Should 'Bad Conduct' Discharges Be Upgraded to Honorable Discharge... Go to Survey

156. Do You Feel The VA Has 'Doctor Shopped' You For Medical Treatment... Go to Survey

155. Which Of The Following Best Descibes the VA For You... Go to Survey

154. Should Those Who Served Be Exempt From Income Tax? Go to Survey

153. Who would you vote for if the Presidential election were held today? Go to Survey

152. What Should We Name Members of the US Space Force? Go to Survey

151. Should Congress Create a Civilian Version of the Purple Heart? Go to Survey

150. Will The Purple Heart Create More Casualties Than Normal? Go to Survey

149. Should The VA Charge A Fee For Marijuana Prescriptions To Pay For Suicide Intervention? Go to Survey

148. Should President Trump re-activate the Mexican Border Service medal? Go to Survey

147. Should The VA Conduct Genetic Testing for Diseases? Go to Survey

146. Should the VA Enable Sleep Stasis to Prevent Suicide? Go to Survey

145. Why did they die? (Was military-related illness the cause of death?) Go to Survey

144. Should Congress Provide Tax Incentives for Doctors to Work at the VA? Go to Survey

143. Should VA ID Badges Be Fully Visible? Go to Survey

142. Would You Still Vote For Donald Trump? Go to Survey

141. Is parking a problem at your VA hospital? Go to Survey

140. Should Donald Trump Restore a 200 Year-Old Honor To Regional Military Commanders? Go to Survey

139. Should Army Pay Include A Skill Level Bonus? Go to Survey

138. Should the VA Cemetery System Pre-Register Vets? Go to Survey (NOTE: This recom was adopted by the VA and published on 12/20/2016)

137. Should Free Speech be clarified... with regard to making knowingly false expressions about U.S. military service? Go to Survey

136. Should Middle East Refugees be permitted to migrate to the US? Go to Survey

135. If the Presidential Election were held today, Who would you vote for? Go to Survey

134. Should Females be required to register for the Draft? Go to Survey

133. Should the Confederate Flag be banned on all US Military installations? Go to Survey

132. Is Our Openly Gay Military The Real Reason...? Go to Survey

131. Should all 18 year-old females be required, like males, to register for the Draft? Go to Survey

130. Why Do PTSD Evaluations Take So Long? Go to Survey

129. Do you have confidence in the medical people working with Ebola patients Go to Survey

128. Should the United States recognize the Nation of Palestine? Go to Survey

127. Is The New Domestic Terrorism Warning Real? Go to Survey

126. Is War News Reporting Sexually Biased? Go to Survey

125. Should the U.S. Work to Create New States? Go to Survey

124. Does the Selective Service System Discriminate Against Males? Go to Survey

123. Is the WH using Bergdahl to distract from the VA scandal? Go to Survey

122. Who Should Lead the VA? Go to Survey

121. What Do YOU Think Should be Done to Fix the VA? Go to Survey

120. Should the VA Provide Vouchers for Vets to See a Private Doctor? Go to Survey

119. Should the Commander in Chief Support Medal Eligibility Research? Go to Survey

118. Should Congress Protect Veteran and Military Funerals? Go to Survey

117. Should the Purple Heart Regs be Expanded? Go to Survey

116. Can Mandatory Active Reserve Service Reduce/Eliminate Veteran Homelessness? Go to Survey

115. Should the President end the Sequester by Executive Order? Go to Survey

114. Should the U.S. Attorney General ask Congress to enact Email Impersonation or Deception penalties? Go to Survey

113. Should The Draft be re-instated, and include Women? Go to Survey

112. Should the Government Eliminate Contractors? Go to Survey

111. Boston Bombing: How do you feel FBI and DHS performed? Go to Survey

110. Should Veterans Volunteer as Eyes On The Street? Go to Survey

109. Should the United States offer Statehood to other countries? Go to Survey

108. Should the President mobilize military personnel to help clear up the VA backlog? Go to Survey

107. PTSD: Should mental illness prevent gun ownership? Go to Survey

106. Should the new DOD Distinguished Warfare Medal re-classified as a skill qualification badge? Go to Survey

105. Ranking of new DOD Distinguished Warfare Medal? Go to Survey

104. Should Special Military Service be Offered to relieve a high number of social problems, while helping the military with a high number of beneficial opportunities? Go to Survey

103. Should Pawn Shops Refuse to Buy/Sell Military Medals? Go to Survey

102. Should there be a new federal agency to catch criminals before they strike? Go to Survey

101. Should Veterans Take the Lead in Reducing Gun Violence? Go to Survey

100. Should Homeless vets be hired as VA Record File Expediters? Go to Survey

99. Can Military Professionalism Be Enhanced by Assigning Unit Conduct to Commanders by Name? Go to Survey

98. Should the President order a job-enhancing DD-214? Go to Survey

97. Do you plan to attend a Memorial event his Memorial Day? Go to Survey

96. Should President Obama End the 12-Year Old Economic Depression? Go to Survey

95. Should the Supreme Court uphold criminalization of military award lying? Go to Survey

94. Should the US help build to control nuclear power plant in Iran? Go to Survey

93. Should a Parade for Iraq be held now or after Afghanistan? Go to Survey

92. How do you rate the Commander in Chief? Go to Survey

91. Should Women Enter the Infantry as Combat Medics? Go to Survey

90. Should the VA issue ID cards to ALL veterans? Go to Survey

89. Should all veterans organizations work together to count the number of living American veterans in the United States and its territories? Go to Survey

88. Should $112 Billion Be Spent In Afghanistan Or America? Go to Survey

87. Seeking American veterans opinions on the current State of our Union Go to Survey

86. Should the White House and Department of Defense plan homecoming parades for the units that served in Iraq? Go to Survey

85. Should President Obama re-activate the Mexican Border Service medal? Go to Survey

84. Should drone pilots be authorized Air Service medals? Go to Survey

83. Should Congress now do Health Care Reform for military veterans? Go to Survey

82. Should the Secretary of State demand the leaders of Iraq and Afghanistan to establish Presidential Unit Citations? Go to Survey

81. Since 01-21-2010: Should Haitian leaders hold publicized ceremonies to award the US Humanitarian Service Medal to American Military Personnel for assisting in Haiti's national emergency? Go to Survey

80. Since 08-15-2009: Should President Obama offer full pardons to all members of the Civil War Confederacy who's family members request one? Go to Survey

79. Since 08-13-2009: Should Honorable vets get free VA care upon retirement age? Go to Survey

77. Since 08-13-2009: Should military women be told about sexual assaults before to enlisting? Go to Survey

76. Since 08-07-2009: Global War on Terror and Correctly Identifying the Threat and Enemy Go to Survey

75. Since 07-02-2009: Should the US military stop separating the sexes? Go to Survey

74. Since 06-30-2009: Should Non-military Medals Be Named After Military Medals? Go to Survey

73. Since 04-15-2009: Should the Navy Armed Guard be re-established to protect against pirates? Go to Survey

72. Since 12-04-2008: Should the Combat Action Ribbon be converted to a medal or badge? Go to Survey

71. Since 11-09-2008: Should General Eric Shinseki be recalled to duty? Go to Survey

70. Since 10-25-2008: Should each VA facility be required to display the number of employees who are not veterans? Go to Survey

69. Since 09-26-2008: Which candidate will do more for Veterans? Go to Survey

68. Since 08-23-2008: If the election were held today who would you vote for? Go to Survey

67. Since 08-21-2008: Should physical assault and injury inflicted on a military female warrant the Purple Heart? Go to Survey

66. Since 08-18-2008: If the election were held today which candidate and issues would you vote for? Go to Survey

65. Since 07-05-2008: Should the United States Pre-emptively Attack Iran? Go to Survey

64. Since 05-14-2008: Should "Mental Wounds" Qualify for the Purple Heart Medal? Go to Survey

63. Since 03-19-2008: Could Operation Iraqi Freedom have been waged differently to be successful long ago? Go to Survey

62. Since 01-28-2008: Should The Communist Government in Vietnam Endorse and Certify All Military Medals Authorized by the Republic of (South) Vietnam During the Vietnam War? Go to Survey

61. Since 01-07-2008: Should Congress Mandate Lifetime Tax Free Status For American Military Personnel Who Served In Harms Way? Go to Survey

60. Since 10-28-2007: How do you feel about having a female Commander-In-Chief who never served in our military? Go to Survey

59. Since 07-12-2007: Should the Iraq Campaign Medal Reflect Multiple Tours? Go to Survey

58. Since 06-30-2007: Has the Vietnam War Memorial lost some of its respectability since its creation? Go to Survey

57. What is causing the high number of sexual attacks on American servicewomen in Iraq? Go to Survey

56. Is non-sexual abuse of military women still a big problem? Go to Survey

55. Why do some mothers not talk about their military service? Go to Survey

54. Should VA Secretary Nicholson hire veterans to staff the VA? Go to Survey

53. Why can't a Vietnam veteran be elected president? Go to Survey

52. Why do some fathers not talk about their military service? Go to Survey

51. Are Homosexuals Coming Out To Avoid Combat Service? Go to Survey

50. If "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is abolished, should "Don't Like, Can Quit" be established? Go to Survey

49. Are Americans Losing Respect for Memorial Day? Go to Survey

48. Is the war in Iraq comparable to the Vietnam War? Go to Survey

47. Should the Global War On Terror Service Medal be authorized to everyone in uniform? Go to Survey

46. Who Won the Israeli/Hezbollah Conflict? Go to Survey

45. Should The Census Count War Veterans? Go to Survey

44. Should U.S. Military Medal Issue Regulations Be More Restrictive to Certain Individuals or Groups? Go to Survey

43. Does the current war in Iraq resemble the Vietnam War? Go to Survey

42. Should convicted prisoners be offered a deal to serve in the military as a combat infantry soldier? Go to Survey

41. Should Congress enact a law requiring veterans who served in Vietnam to be authorized a High School equivalency diploma? Go to Survey

40. Should Congress Enact a Law Requiring Private Companies to Award a Hiring Incentive for Purple Heart Recipients? Go to Survey

39. Should Congress change the Issue Regulations for the Purple Heart medal to limit its award ONLY to wounds that bleed?

38. Should Memorial Day and America's War Dead be commercialized?

37. Should President Bush prohibit media coverage of returning casualties?

36. Should DOD continue its "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy or should DOD adopt a stronger policy that prohibits homosexuals from serving in the U.S. military?

35. Should the Vietnam War Service Medal be revoked or should its design be changed according to the instructions of the Communist government in Vietnam?

34. Should the new Department of Homeland Security establish a Registry of former military police officers and enlisted personnel in the event a domestic emergency requires rapid employment of law enforcement support personnel with previous LE experience?

33. Should A New Vietnam War Honorarium List the Names of All In-Country Veterans?

32. Do you think that the malaria pills taken by Vietnam War personnel might be responsible for some of their similar ailments?

31. Should the VA replace its hospital system with a HMO organization that permits veterans to visit any physician or medical facility?

30. Should the names of our military personnel who lost their lives in Vietnam searching for the remains of our MIA's be listed on The Vietnam War Memorial (The Wall) in Washington DC? Washington DC?

29. Should military personnel detained against their will by foreign governments when no military conflict exists be eligible for Prisoner of War status and be awarded the POW medal?

28. How do you rate Veterans Administration public service?

27. Commander in Chief 2000, Weekly Survey | For the cumulative Weekly Archives, Click here

26. Should the Draft be reinstated?

25. Should the United States participate in NATO's Operation Allied Force in Yugoslavia?

24. Should Honorably Discharge vets receive lifetime tax-free status on income, business (non-sales) and other taxes?

23. Should Purple Heart recipients receive higher VA priority status?

22. Is Chelsea V. Clinton a military brat?

21. Should the Blassie family be permitted to display the Medal of Honor on Michael Blassie's ? grave?

20. Was Sarin nerve gas used in Vietnam?

19. Should Congress enact a voluntary $1.00 (one dollar) federal income tax allotment for Congressionally authorized veterans organizations?

18. Vote for the Top Ten Vietnam War films Go

17. Should the Tomb of the Unknowns be opened for any reason?

15. The wartime person who impressed me the most, and whom I will never forget.

14. My evaluation of Veteran/Military/Brat newsgroups?

13. Your thoughts on achieving American national security via racial equality

12. Should Honorary Veteran status be conveyed upon Americans who did not serve in the military?

11. Was the decision to mix the sexes a good or bad idea?

10. Should VA employment be restricted to vets and military personnel?

9. Did you witness these in the military?

8. Should women serve in combat?

7. Should vets be reimbursed for their military life insurance payments?

6. What is probably most responsible for Gulf War illness?

5. Would I do it all over again?

4. Should empty VA Hospital space be made available for homeless vets?

3. Are American servicemen are still being held captive?

2. Should the different service branches be combined?

1. What are flashbacks like?

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